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Our New Simulation Guides

By Chloe Allison 27 November 2019

We’ve created some simulation guides to help you quickly start simulating in OnScale. You’ll find examples for key applications including MEMs, NDT, RF Sensors, Flow and Biomedical. You can check them all out here!

These guides are the perfect tool for beginners to OnScale. Simply select your application area from the menu, such as RF. Within each area, you’ll find more specific applications:

If your application doesn’t have a simulation guide yet, check our Help Center to find more examples or to submit a request for a simulation guide in your area.

Download OnScale to Get Started

Before getting started simulating models, you’ll need to download OnScale. But don’t worry, it’s free! Just follow the simple steps provided and you’ll be running jobs in no time.


We’ve compiled three models for each simulation guide: a basic 2D model, a design study and a 3D model.

Each model has a page on our Help Center with files and step-by-step instructions to run the model. When you first sign up to OnScale, you’ll get a free subscription with 10 Core-Hours to use each month.

What is a Core-Hour? A Core-Hour is a measurement of computational time. In OnScale, if you run one CPU for one hour, that equals one Core-Hour.

The 2D models in each simulation guide are small models which are quick to run so you could potentially run 100 simulations with a free subscription!

Additional Information

If you’ve gone through your simulation guide and want more information, check out our resources at the bottom of the guide.

Or if you have any questions about what else OnScale can do, please get in touch at info@onscale.com.

There’s More to Come!

This is just the beginning! We’re planning to expand our library of simulation guides to cover all the key applications that OnScale supports. Keep an eye out for more guides coming soon!

Chloe Allison
Chloe Allison

Chloe Allison is an Application Engineer at OnScale. She received her MA in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from the University of Strathclyde. As part of our engineering team Chloe assists with developing applications, improving our existing software and providing technical support to our customers.